Ben Maher and Urico, WEF 2014.

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PRE Horse Demo

Rolex 2014

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Jan Byyny and Syd Kent

Note lack of stirrup… crazy

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This is still going around, you people are crazy!

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Somewhere, behind the athlete youve become, 

the coaches that pushed you, 

the people who believed in you, 

the long hours of schooling,

the dirt under your nails, 

the falls youve taken,

the ribbons you didnt win, 

the tears youve cried, 

and the horses youve given your heart to,

is the little girl who fell in love with a horse

and never looked back. 

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Copper Meadows Horse Trials - Training Division

I have really, really missed shooting. Taking Mom’s camera out this weekend to shoot Laura made me realize that I need to get back at it with mine when I get home. Somehow gotta find the money to replace the perfect sized lense I broke so I can start shooting again. 

His eq tho

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Rolex winners William Foxx-Pitt and Bay My Hero!

Rolex 2014

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